After graduating in mechanical engineering, in 2010 Allen set up the company "SUNWAY MACHINERY The company initially worked as a design and engineering office focusing on rollers for cold roll forming machine but just a few years later began producing its first roll forming machines. In 2015 the decision was taken to focus on machines for making thin and thick profiles and in 2013 Sunway opened up to the international market.

With a philosophy of service geared to customer need Sunway has grown together with its customers from simples roof and wall roll forming machines to the complicated various shape profile roll forming machine. From 2017, Sunway start to manufacture metal steel slitting line and cut to length line. Each department specialized in a different sector of sheet metal working.

The ever-increasing amount of technology and electronics being incorporated in the machines led to the establishment to produce automation systems and software. Lastly, as a result of the constantly greater demands for automation by its customers, Sunway set up special department, which produces assembly and packaging systems for the profiles manufactured by our machines. A business concern was thus formed consolidating the wealth of technology of the different companies, which includes state-of-the-art product and process know-how, hundreds of patents and the input of more than ten years' experience by hundreds of professionals.