Installation & The Training

How to buy the machine and install the machine during the Corona Virus?

1. How to control the production process and make the machine ready on time?

After you put the order to us, We offer you the production plan. Normally the machine drawings needs 2-3 weeks to be finished, We will inform you while the machines drawings are ready. And give you the report every 2 weeks when the machine ready at 20%, and We will offer you the production report every week when the machine ready at 50%, then We offer you the finished products sample pictures and the videos at 80%, We will invite you or your representative here in China come to inspect the machine when the machine is ready at 95%, after the inspection, We will make the subtle adjustment and the repainting and ready for shipping at 100%.

2. How to inspect the machine?

The 100% inspection. We will make the machine 100% working and full tested in our factory and send you the finished products samples by DHL for your confirmation. Also You can ask the inspection agency to come to our factory to check the machine and give you the full results like BV or SGS, normally it is USD200 to USD300 for the function and the outlook inspection. If you want to do it NDT inspection, normally it is USD300.

3. How to connect the cables and the hydraulic station?

We make the machine in one unit, like the shutter door machine, the roof panel machine, it is the Cantilever control box. You do not need to worry to connect all of the cables, only to connect the main motor cables. All of the rest cables are connected by the air plugs, and We made the marks on the air plugs A to A and B to B. Also regarding to the hydraulic station, you do not need to take off the oil pipes, all connected and packed, and We put the hydraulic station and the control box inside the machine. You just put the start button, then it can work. If the hydraulic station is large, it needs to be put outside, then We will offer you the hydraulic station pipes drawings. Also We will offer you the full set of the cable drawings for you to check if there is any problems.

4. How to debug the machine?

A. How to adjust the feeding width? The in the feeding guide device, We will make the hand wheels at the feeding device, and We also make the wheels with the numbers than you know how to adjust right and left sides, also We made the rulers on the bedding, you can adjust according to the rulers.

B. How to adjust the thickness and different raw materials for the PPGI, Galvanized coils, Aluminium, Aluzinc?

It is very important to adjust the different thickness. For the feeding area, We will put the air cylinder and the gear connector to adjust the different thickness. For the forming area, We will make the flanges with scales, you know how to adjust by each rings with the bolts.

C. How to make the sheets flat and straightening? When the sheets are curl or bended, normally We will make the straightening device at the last 2-3 stations with 360 dgree heads and some supporting rolls to help it get to the cutter easily.

D. How to make the length or the punching size correctly? Normally We adjusted the length encoder well before shipping. If you moved the encoder sometimes when shipping or loading, then there is some difference between the length you demand or the actual length you need, then you need to modify the encoder wheels ratio, then you make up the length in the touch screen, We will show you the operation videos and the manual, and We can have face to face video talk by whatsapp or wechat or Teams group. We will also send you the installation videos.

E. How to solve the problems if the motor burn or the control box burn if you have the wrong operation? We will send you the new motor or control box as soon as possible to replace it.